Project: SIBA Gas Field Camp

In the south of the Iraqi governorate of Albasra, within the new natural gas field that has been developed by Kuwait Energy Iraq Limited (KEIL), we executed a complete engineering study and supervision on installing and operating the low energy systems of the residential and administrational camp, to serve seventy of the working staff in the field. The systems included:

Building Management System (BMS) to control the generation and distribution of electrical power:

Using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) from the German company SIEMENS, in addition to a SCADA monitoring system from the German company Movicon, in which the system shows the state of the electrical power and the complete consumption of the entire camp and separately for each building or any other important facility, in addition to the ability to witch the power on or off. The system also executes the suitable action in case of any emergency in the location, such as in case of fire alarm, gas leak or security breach.

The system also shows the statues of the electrical power generators and their fuel tanks, in addition to the statues of the clean water tanks and pumps, and the camp’s wastewater treatment station.

Fire Alarm System:

The camp was equipped with a fire alarm system developed and entitled by the French company SD3. The system allows the investor to easily monitor all the buildings and facilities of the location using the main and subsidiary boards. In addition to the ability to monitor visually through the screen of the operating station that displays the most accurate of the incidents and alarms in the system without leaving the workbench. The system is also connected to the BMS to execute the required actions in case of an alarm.

IT & Network:

The servers and central equipment were connected in the location through a fast and reliable data network with switches from the American company HP, encompassing the connection between all the activities at the location, in addition to connecting all the working systems in the camp.

IP Paging System:

The camp was equipped with IP paging system from the European company ATIES, to allocate vocal announcements throughout the location according to the designated place as needed, with a central control from the monitoring and control room.

Central Telephone Switching System IP PIBX:

The system was installed with equipment from the Japanese company NEC, and that is to provide vocal communication among the different rooms and offices, for which the signal is carried by the data network.

IP Signage System:

Display screens were installed to show security and safety information, were the management of the information displayed is centralized in the control room of the camp.

Entertainment Video on Demand System:

In addition to delivering satellite channels from three different TV satellites for each room in the camp, a service of demanding movies from a large collection of movies from all over the world was also delivered to a camp designed especially for this purpose, using equipment from the German company IRENIS.

Meeting Room Systems:

Sound and display systems were installed, in addition to installing Video Conference System for each meeting room in the camp.

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