Project: Banias Refinery Company IT Network

Computer network of Banias Refinery Company (BRC) 2003-2005:

The first network in Syria to include network connectivity using optic fibers, copper cables, and DSL technology through land phone lines in the same geographical location throughout the area of the refinery, reaching the administrative buildings, production locations and remote reservoirs, depending on state of the art technologies and equipment of famous international brands, designed to function continuously without shutting down under any condition, to ensure the continuity, reliability, and productivity of one of the major and most important state-owned companies. The system depended on five Fujitsu and Siemens servers connected to an external storage unite FiberCAT S80, and network equipment of switches, routers and fire wall from Allied Telesis. In addition to developing the network on the second stage depending on an encompassing security system against viruses and security breaches, alongside activating internal email and electronic services that contributed to the feasibility of work and replaced a major portion of intra paper based correspondence and work.

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